The history of DJ Charlie Clean - Custom Events

The history of DJ Charlie Clean – Custom Events

The history of DJ Charlie Clean – Custom Events

By: Mark Caravaggio | Owner/Operator

One of the most common questions I receive from prospective, new, and existing clients… and anyone that knows of my business… is the name. The history of DJ Charlie Clean – Custom Events is certainly a puzzle that most people have a difficult time figuring out. Firstly, here are some highlights about me:

  • Raised with a passion for music
  • Music is the the one type of artistry that is with me, always
  • Travelling the world had a massive impact on me eventually starting this business
  • I’m a natural risk taker in life, and this bodes well in business too
  • Living in the UK gave me an entirely new perspective on music – mainly not to judge music based on genre, image, decade, background etc. Music is music, period.

With that, the birth of DJ Charlie Clean – Custom Events came over 10 years ago, in 2006. This was coincidently around the time that digital DJing was starting its rise. I’ve always been a big supporter of technology, and in fact have a background in corporate software training so I certainly understand the value and excitement of newer technologies and more efficient methods to approach everyday life.

As most DJ’s can probably relate, I dabbled with music and DJing for a long time, but never really thought about the art of DJing in a business sense… until much later that is. The idea of creating custom playlists came from running theme parties for friends and I was that guy that always had my hand up saying “let me help create that energy for your party!”.

From this, an opportunity presented itself when a friend of a friend was organizing their wedding and was in search of a DJ. I just happened to overhear a conversation and I immediately blurted out “I’ll DJ your wedding!”. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. That wedding taught me so much about organization, attention to detail, planning, logistics, reading a crowd, technology, communication and so many more skills that are part of my everyday approach to my business nowadays. Without me taking that risk and jumping on this mini opportunity, this business may have never been born, and I mean that in all seriousness.

From that initial wedding, more of these “opportunities” came, through word of mouth. At the same time, I was growing as an individual running his own software training business. Never did I think this would be changing in my future. I had a good life, a steady income, travelled a lot, bought investment properties. I was on the right path.

Things changed in 2011 when I decided a move to Toronto was the right step for me at the time, so I gave up my software training life, took a sales job, and decided to work for some of the largest DJ companies in Toronto. This gave me an entirely new perspective on the wedding industry. I immediately started to change my train of thought into that of the entrepreneur that I am. I had a recurring idea that I just couldn’t shake, and that was this: “why don’t I move back to my hometown and really build my business into something meaningful and passionate, helping couples make memories that last a lifetime”. Well, it’s incredible how your thoughts can turn into reality…

So I left the big city life (that sales job was an absolute flop by the way) and followed my thoughts right into reality. I started building my business through networking opportunities, wedding shows, getting more involved with the community through fundraisers, and spending a lot of time trying to build an online presence with the help of some very talented professionals. That “if you build it they will come” mentality really works 😉

Within about a year (circa 2013) of my move back to Guelph, I started to see a big shift from the “amateur” to “professional” life I had envisioned for myself. This allowed me to make the all important decision to create a team that could represent my business in the way I wanted it to be. This was a stressful decision for me as truth be told, my business was growing faster than I imagined it to be, and I either had to move forward and grow and expand, or continue to do everything myself as the face of the business. Ultimately, my decision was to grow at a pace that would be manageable and still give the client that personable touch and customer service that is extremely important to me.

The history of DJ Charlie Clean - Custom Events
Mark in April, 2017

Nowadays, in 2017, my little business has continued to grow every year and allowed for me to add to the services that I never imagined possible. It’s changed so much in the last five years! The idea of being the “go to” resource when it comes to a Wedding DJ in the Guelph area was something I always thought of, and it goes to show that your thoughts really are something you can make a reality if you work hard, surround yourself with the right group of people, always believe in yourself, and offer a service that has a uniqueness that is memorable beyond compare. One in which I am proud of, every day of my life.

Life is good, friends.

MC (“DJ Charlie Clean”)

Photo by the ever-so-talented Ema Suvajac Photography ❤️