The Birth of DJ Charlie Clean

The Birth of DJ Charlie Clean

The Birth of DJ Charlie Clean

By: Mark Caravaggio | Owner/Operator

Probably the number one question I get asked on a regular basis is “what’s the deal with your business name?” I typically have a short, medium and long version of the story behind my business name, but have never properly written the full story behind this ridiculous name. Here goes, the birth of DJ Charlie Clean…

Circa: The Year 2000

I decided that the 9-5 life just wasn’t for me, so I decided to leave my “regular” life behind for the international pastures of Australia to “find myself”. I always wanted to travel, actually lusted for it. But didn’t think I had it in me in my earlier years. Well, corporate life can make you look at life in a different perspective. You can either embrace it and grow as a human being all around, or you may just recognize that there is something missing from you that you didn’t know existed. This was my situation. I knew I had a lot more in me but just didn’t know quite what it was at that time in my life. It was early 20’s after all, and I finally had this lightbulb go off saying “get on that one way flight and discover yourself”. So I did!

Circa: The Year 2001

By this time I had spent nearly 5 months in Australia, mostly as a backpacker finding my way and meeting some of the most interesting people to this day that I’ve ever met. I always seemed to find special kinships with English people; could have been their sense of humour, the lust for life and adventure, their pub culture or something else. Whatever it was, so many English friends seemed to take me under their wing and show me a different style of life – that in which I call “living”. I met one particular English friend (who I later had the honour of being his best man) named Mark. Brilliant name, right? Well apparently, this caused many confused faces when we would introduce ourselves both as nothing but “Mark”. Further to this point, many people (once knowing more about me and my personality) suggested that I looked nothing like a “Mark” and wanted to come up with a more appropriate name for me. At this very time, the remake of Charlie Angels was coming out in theatres and one particular song, “Independent Women, Pt. 1” by Destinys Child from the soundtrack, was played constantly in bars and clubs over there. On one fun pub night, I was out with my English “Angels”, where one of these cheeky angels (shout out to CL!) decided to nickname me “Charlie Clean”, which was a blend of the movie name and my clean backpacker lifestyle. That’s perfect, I thought!

Circa: The Year 2004

After travelling the world in living in England (I had to visit all those amazing friends I met in Australia after all) for two years, I was simply known as “Charlie” to most, and only those closest to me knew of my birth name. At this time, I was so influenced by the culture, people, radio and lifestyle in all the amazing countries I had the opportunity to visit, that I had many ideas about how I could bring all of what was in my head back to Canada and grow something amazing and unique. Probably my biggest takeaway from the UK music scene was that the general population didn’t judge music based on the decade it came from, the particular radio station it was played on, the clubs that decided to blast it through their sound systems, or for the genre that it came from. Music was simply music. This was life changing for me in particular as I grew up in an area where there always seemed to be rules for music. You had to listen to one specific radio station, one type of genre, ignore certain artists that didn’t fall into a certain category and more. My newfound philosophy on music changed my life forever.

Circa: The Year 2006

After coming back to Canada (more like getting kicked out of England), life was extremely challenging for me as my travelling lifestyle didn’t lend itself well to the old corporate world I was used to. I fought the system while trying to discover a new me as it just wasn’t working for me. This was the time I was running friends’ theme parties and starting doing special events such as weddings, stag & does, birthdays etc. I was officially an amateur DJ having fun and learning a lot about running events. It was my fun side business and I never dreamed of anything more.

Circa: The Year 2011

After leaving my hometown and moving to Toronto for a girl and a full time sales job (my final corporate position), I worked for many of Toronto’s biggest DJ companies, honing my craft in the wedding industry. This increasingly became my biggest passion in life (along with my existing passions travelling, music and health/wellness). My headspace became filled with thoughts of how I could do things so much better running events myself. This eventually led me back to my hometown of Guelph, and growing my business into what it is today.

Circa: The Year 2012

During a conversation with my old travelling pal Mark, I was explaining to him about my ever growing business. “I needed a business name” I told him. I’ll never forget the end of that conversation where he casually blurted out “DJ Charlie Clean in the house!”. And the birth of DJ Charlie Clean happened, along with the end of my corporate life.

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