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Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory wedding

Recently, we were part of a dream team of wedding vendors that provided services for a Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory wedding. This wedding ended up becoming a real wedding story over at as well, which is always an honour to be a part of. The conservatory provides a unique backdrop and experience for your ceremony, […]

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Wedding Shows - Guelph - 2016

Wedding Shows – Guelph – 2016

Wedding Shows – Guelph – 2016 Two fabulous wedding shows come to Guelph this fall, both at Delta Hotel Guelph. The Wedding Ring Bridal Expo Guelph 2016 First, making their first appearance in Guelph in The Wedding Ring Bridal Expo, happening on Sunday, October 2, 2016. Take it from us, they run a fantastic show […]

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Choosing your Wedding DJ

9 Pro- Recommended Tips in choosing your Wedding DJ We had the luxury of being featured in The Wedding Ring magazine recently, and we’re excited to share our 9 pro-recommended tips in choosing your wedding DJ. Always do your research, ask lots of questions, and meet with your DJ company to discuss your requirements and […]

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