New Track Alert: You Just Want My Money

New Track Alert: You Just Want My Money

We have a brand new track for you! It’s called “You Just Want My Money” by Jason French. Catchy and perhaps not suitable for wedding music… well, not until later in the night anyway 😉

You can learn more about this great new artist right here:

The debut single from San Diego-bred singer/songwriter Jason French, “You Just Want My Money,” is a beachy slice of soul-pop built on French’s warm vocals and reggae-inspired sense of rhythm. With its sweetly carefree mood and an infectious energy that’s got much to do with French’s passion as a songwriter and performer, the song hit 5 million streams on Spotify within a month of its online release, mainly on the strength of social-media buzz. Teaming up with producers Tyler Duncan and Theo Katzman, French is now working on a full-length debut that infuses that passion into songs with a daring emotional honesty and undeniably positive spirit.

The irony behind “You Just Want My Money” becoming French’s breakthrough single is that it was born at the most down-and-out moment in his life. A self-taught musician, French inked a deal with a major label at age 22, only to see it fall through while French was making his debut album. Dead broke, he started working construction and dedicating any free moment to songwriting. “I went into the darkest place I’ve ever been in,” says French, now 26. “It felt like all my dreams, everything I’d worked for, was just completely over.” When a longtime music-industry acquaintance, Chris Anokute, reached out and asked if he had any new music, French handed over “You Just Want My Money” — and soon landed his deal with Interscope Records.

With Afro-Brazilian roots on his father’s side and Native American and Portuguese blood on his mother’s, French grew up singing in church (his dad was a preacher). He learned to play piano and guitar on his own around the age of ten. “After everybody left church and my dad went off to his office, I’d sit at the piano by myself,” he recalls. “I got the church pianist to show me a few chords, and I got totally absorbed in playing.” After teaching himself to play his dad’s long-neglected acoustic guitar, French tried his hand at songwriting, largely inspired by the soul singers, hip-hop artists, and reggae musicians he loved most. “Since my dad’s a preacher, I had to sneak all my music,” he says. “I couldn’t let my parents know about those CDs hidden under my pillow.” Toward the end of high school, French also started singing and — out of shyness and an impulse to hide his musical side from his family — heading across the border to play at coffeehouses in Mexico, where no one would find him out.

After French moved to L.A. and his deal fell through, the real music started to come out. “One of the only things that helped me was to try to write more songs,” he says. “It was like, ‘Maybe these songs will never see the light of day, but that’s all right because they’re completely from my heart,'” he says. After working with several writers and producers, he was asked to collaborate on “You Just Want My Money,” an anti-materialism anthem disguised as a lighthearted kiss-off to a greedy girlfriend. “The song expressed my feeling of desperation, at a time when I felt like everybody wanted something from me and I was just so depleted,” French explains. “It seemed like an idea that would connect with people, since there are a lot of human beings who work really hard just to feel even a little bit secure.”

Boosted by a social-media frenzy that has prompted the #youjustwantmymoney hashtag to produce more than 50 million impressions on Vine, “You Just Want My Money” quickly proved French right. It also confirmed his instincts to put a playful spin on the song’s somewhat weighty message. “‘You Just Want My Money’ could have been some sad ballad but I thought, ‘Nah, let’s make it happy,'” says French. And in creating his debut album, French is working to shape his sensitivity and imagination as a songwriter into music that’s uplifting in the most unlikely of moments. “I do try to be a positive force,” he says. “I truly think that music can help you get through the hardest times, and I want my own music to be something that helps people lean toward hope.”

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