The Look and Sound of Professionalism

Experience at its finest

Riley has been DJing since the age of 16 and has grown into a vastly experienced event DJ. This means he is easily adaptable to any style of party. He has a love for all music and can find the beat through any genre, including your ethnic requests!

We know that Riley can fit right into any type of event, but weddings in where he truly shines. He explains:

Weddings bring family and friends together for a purpose. A celebration of love. Knowing that guests in attendance are going to look back fondly on the wedding in part because I played a great set of music and kept the party going until the very end. What better party could there be?!

With Riley, you’ll know you are in good hands. Someone who looks and sounds professional, who will be able to make the event match exactly to what they were hoping for and adapt as necessary.

Why does Riley love working with us?

Everything is turn key. I receive a very detailed package in advance of the event with all the fine details I need to know. This allows me to be well prepared and ready to go. Once I read the event details prior to event I’m truly set up for success.