A charismatic and enthusiastic soul

Has a love and passion for all music

Fillip genuinely loves what he does. Music is his passion, he loves it in every form. He would say this is one of his key selling points because he sincerely cares about what he’s doing, and really enjoys it. Fillip explains further:

I personally think that guests’ pick up on the entertainer’s vibe and in turn have a better time, knowing the DJ/MC is enjoying them self as well. Good attitude, and genuine fun go a long way.

Fillip loves the idea of growth in every area of his life. He’s thankful for the experience gathered over the years, but also recognizes there’s always more to learn so he’s open to suggestions, lessons, and constructive criticism. We love the open-minded approach!

You can describe Fillip as highly enthusiastic, keen and personable. His people skills will be on display with guests.

Fillip loves a little bit of all celebrations. Let’s have him explain:

The point of a party is to have a good time, and I think as long as that constant applies, it can be a wonderful success. I really do love weddings because it’s a special time for the couple. Being a part of that process is not only fun, but if you do a great job of hosting and interacting with guests, it can be just as rewarding for you as it is for the guests.

With Fillip, expect a charismatic attitude and genuine love for having a good time. The idea is that it will rub off on the guests. Here’s a bit more of an explanation from Fillip himself:

If it’s a wedding setting, giving my respects to the couple as well as their families, making any special announcements, running any fun games and just all around being there and counted on when needed. It goes without saying, but professionalism is always my first priority.

In terms of music and on the decks, making sure those guests are happy on the dance floor is the main goal. Fillip is a lover of all types of music, and this will certainly go a long way in understanding the endless styles of events we are involved in.

Fillip is a natural fit for our team, and he explains this:

I love the professional and organized atmosphere that DJ Charlie Clean – Custom Events provides for me as a DJ/MC. This company proves that professionalism doesn’t have to come at the price of sacrificing fun. I always look forward to events to come!