Dino’s attention to detail is a huge strong point

He wants to bring you on a musical journey

Dino enjoys meeting new people and working together to make each event as smooth as possible.

“I love it when people approach me at the end of a night and say thank you for such a great time; meanwhile, it’s the Bride & Groom and their team that really make the night special!” says Dino.

When Dino plays an event you can expect a DJ that cares about the musical experience of his guests with careful song selections to keep the party flowing in a positive direction. His aim is to ensure that every guest is having a good time on the dance floor and off.

“Because DJ Charlie Clean sets everything up to make it as easy as possible for me to focus on the music at his events. They’re fair and laid back so we get along very well. We’re both in it for the same thing – to be professional and to make the guests feel welcome and happy.”