Calm and Composed Under Pressure

A Keen Ear for Music

Nick has a keen ear for music of all varieties, and this allows him to mix the right type of music in at just the right time. This, combined with his smooth voice for addressing audiences, great energy, and a calm and composed demeanour under pressure, make him the perfect fit for our team.

Whether a private party, corporate event or a wedding, this is how Nick explains what guests should expect from him:

“I really love all types of events and parties. There is little else more special than being part of a wedding. I enjoy playing all different types of music to appease everyone from the ring bearer to the couple, to the grandmothers and grandfathers. It’s so satisfying to see people from all generations enjoying themselves on the dance floor and to watch the couple enjoy their big day.”

Nick explains his seamless fit into our team:

“Working with DJ Charlie Clean is a no-brainer because of their passion for production and dedication to detail. They do all of the background work to line things up perfectly, and this makes my approach to running an event so enjoyable because I get to be in the present moment selecting tunes and ensuring that the guests and hosts are having the best time possible.”