Vast Knowledge with Class and Professionalism

Adaptable to any environment

A.C.’s vast experience and musical knowledge, along with his interactive and entertaining nature, lends itself very well in representing our events. He does this with a class and professionalism that is all unique to himself.

Although he can fit into any type of event in style, A.C. truly excels in a wedding environment, and we’re delighted to take advantage of his expertise in this area. He explains:

Weddings are one of the most important days in a couples’ lives and it’s an honour to be a part of the entire celebration.

Expect a warm and engaging personality, always with a professionalism-first mentality and truly respectful to all events and environments. Being flexible, prepared and adaptable to any type of event is a must for A.C., and he puts this into words here:

To me, all wedding guests are the client and the aim is please as many of these guests as possible.

I chose to work alongside DJ Charlie Clean – Custom Events as his classy appeal, level of professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched in the industry. Aligning with a company with that type of reputation and presence is a necessity to me, and it’s a great fit for a partnership.